Install Redis on CloudLinux with CageFS

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The Redis installation steps are the same as on any RHEL-based system:

# yum install epel-release
# yum install redis –enablerepo=epel
Once done, start the Redis service via:

# systemctl start redis.service
# systemctl enable redis
You can check Redis’s status by running the following:

# sudo systemctl status redis.service
What differs is that if CageFS is used on the server, you’ll need to add the Redis package to CageFS skeleton:

# cagefsctl –addrpm redis
# cagefsctl –force-update
Once you confirm that Redis is indeed running, test the setup with this command:

# redis-cli ping


Check the Redis Quickstart page for more information:

NB: Redis Support for mod_hostinglimits is deprecated. Check more about it on the following Docs page: